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Ballet is the most significant dance style and the foundation of everything we do at Rabbit Slims - enhancing strength, posture and technique.

For me ballet is the most demanding yet rewarding dance style to teach. The students and I can have so much fun with imagery, characterisation and the use of props.


Tap dance still ceases to amaze me with all the varying rhythms and sounds you can make with your feet, even in a tiny pair of magical tap shoes.


Street Jazz:

High tempo dance class to hip-hop, R&B and popular chart hits. I adore the high energy, high intensity yet fun workout this gives you. 


Mini Movers:

30 minutes of dance to all the latest songs that they love. A dance based warm-up and stretching, followed by a fun dance routine and ending with a game.


Our signature class! Dance-based cardio warm-up incorporating stretches to improve flexibility and toning exercises for those bums, tums and bingo wings. Followed by an upbeat, high energy dance routine. (all levels) age 14+.

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